Mr. R.C. Sharma

Dear all, I am delighted towards the massive achievement of providing such a garden like zone of study and child’s Growth.

Sanskar Public School looks and cares for each child’s internal and external progress as well, in terms of curriculum and beyond curriculum activities.
We aim to achieve the same goal in every different means.
We intensify that every student imbibes self sufficiency and self confidence within himself/herself.
We execute every possible way to achieve a goal.

We have at all times been endeavour to inculcate in our students the sense of self esteem by patting and valuing their achievements. We provide secured and congenial atmosphere for the entire associates of the school community where their skills and creativity are enhanced and utilized to the optimum point. Nurturing in high degree of discipline SPS inspire the students to be self sufficient, imaginative and resourceful providing them the exposure to lead a dignified life where social, economic and moral values are brought into practice. This fosters in them the sense of self growth, tolerance and adaptability to cope up with the situational demands.

Our school justly believes that breath skills and knowledge on numerous subjects fortifies the glitter and shine of one’s personality and hereby feels desirable to have these as adjunct academic activities so that they can more head in their lives with more positive and confident approach for achieving meritorious goals and producing meticulous results.

This includes focus on sophisticated life style with providing vision in order to prepare our students physically and cerebrally to compete in the highly competitive environment. By exploring and catering the needs of the students, SPS quenches the thirst of those who have the urge to learn our staff identifies this as a paramount need.

Further we intend to create a secure and welcoming environment that foster progress, achievements, aspiration, valuing thorough academic standards, care and consideration. Promoting positive vibes through self image and hard work is a key to raise both academic and social standards. We regard praise as the key for achieving high personal standards.

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