Mr. Chandra Prakash Dewangan

Dear Parents,
Since its inauguration in 2008 Sanskar public school, has made steady progress and has been growing into one of the most respected institutions in Raigarh City.

The stress free environment, liberal education, excellent facilities for games and fine arts have made in the sought after school in the city.

The last academic session proved that Sanskar Public School has established its credentials in providing holistic education by setting high standards in academics, sports, arts & music and in various other related activities.

Our intention is to make everyone a professional in his or her own field. Therefore, we intend to start appropriate courses in future to benefit the students in the field of multi faced careers which include professional academic courses, Music, Dance, Sports, Art & Craft. Let each child decide his/her future with the option available as per his/her aptitude and abilities.

I am extremely sure that, Sanskar Public School would be the most sought after institute in the immediate future.

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School participated in "National Deworming Program"